K-Aqua - Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The protection of personal data is of the utmost importance to Kessel Wassertechnologie GmbH. Therefore, we would like to inform you as to how we protect your privacy if you make any of your personal data available to us. In addition to the self-evident compliance with the statutory provisions concerning data protection, we are obligated and committed to the safe and responsible handling of your data so that your privacy remains protected at all times. It is of the utmost importance to us that you feel comfortable and secure when visiting our website.

We constantly strive to improve our offerings and to make our online presence as attractive to you as possible. But only when we know which areas of our website are visited the most frequently and for the longest periods of time can we commit our resources to optimising these areas for the K-Aqua website to meet your requirements.

Personal information is used by Kessel Wassertechnologie GmbH for purposes of marketing and for the acquisition, survey and information of interested parties. A better understanding of your wishes will lead to more rapid development of the website, so that all of your requirements will be met.

Insofar as you are requested to provide personal information on our website such as your name, address and/or telephone number, this is subject to special provisions to which you are referred to therein with the following wording:
We use this data for marketing purposes of Kessel Wassertechnologie GmbH, as well as for the gathering of interested parties and information and queries pertaining to said parties. Your data is not forwarded or accessible to any third parties. With the possible exception of service providers who act by order of Kessel Wassertechnologie GmbH as well as Kessel Wassertechnologie GmbH's trading partners and companies.