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K-Aqua - Leading in Water Supply

The business field of Kessel Wassertechnologie GmbH is manufacturing pipes and fittings for water supply in several plastic materials which positions the company in the construction value chain as a construction material supplier and manufacturer. With the premium manufacturer KESSEL – Leading in drainage – it exists a close and long partnership. With this experience of decades we will transport our success to the future.

KESSEL - Leading in drainage

The name of KESSEL has stood for the drainage of buildings and premises for more than 50 years. This knowledge, collected over decades, is not just flowing continuously into product development, but also into our customer service. This is how we can help you to open up new markets and to extend existing business sectors. The company, which started in 1963 as a small sub-contracting company for the plastics processing industry, is now an international company with more than 450 employees active in the drainage sector in Germany, Europe and Asia. The intention of providing technical perfection and long-standing partnership with our customers has made us the market leader.

Company policy Kessel Wassertechnologie

The goal is to create mutual benefits through the interaction of people and institutions in contact with us. There is no customer benefit without employee benefits, no employee benefits without company benefits and no company benefits without any benefit for our environment and the world around us.

Thus, quality must always be compatible with the aspects of costs and deadlines. This will result in the involvement of all our employees in the process of continuous improvement.

In compliance with legal and social standards, we will recognize, take seriously and implement the wishes of our customers and all other interested parties at all times.